Norse Beard & Hair Oil - Full Set of 20!

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Can't decide which of the oils to get? Why not get the full set! Individually, this set would cost $260 total. As a special, order the complete set, and save $30!

You get 1 bottle each of:

Baldr's Smile
Bragi's Inspiration
Branches of Yggdrasil
Eir's Healing Touch
Freyja's Love
Frigg's Spinning Wheel
The Grand Mead Hall
Hel's Respite
Hugin & Munin
Idunn's Apples of Youth
Jord's Wilderness
Loki's Luck
Njord's Abundance
Odin's Wisdom
Skadi's Resolve
Thor's Strength
Tyr's Loyalty
Ulhednar's Rage
Valkyrie's Flight


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* Didn’t think a buff beard could be the mane attraction? Think again! When it comes to nourishing a beard, this beard oil goes abeard and beyond, it’s oil downhill from here.*

* Get everyday results by applying every day and fulfilling the profacey. *

* Our oils are very inclusive, and would never even think abeard discriminating based on beard length. *

We tried out a lot of different recipes for our Magical Beard & Hair Oils, before coming up with one that did what it was supposed to... make your beard & hair better. It absorbs fast, so it won't leave you greasy lookin'. And it doesn't just condition your beard & hair... it's really great for your skin, too. We mix 'em up by hand and bottle 'em with a whole lot of good-smellin' love... just for you.

---What our Magick Beard Oils do:
*Get rid of the itching
*Soften your beard & hair
*Make your skin soft and hydrated
*Relax your hair
*Keeps it safe from damage
*Makes your beard & hair healthier

Channel the magickal properties of each associated Gods or Goddesses to assist you in your daily routine.

---How to use 'em:
*Make sure your beard & hair are just a bit damp (towel dry)
*Squirt out a dime-size puddle in your hand
*Rub your hands together while doing your best Snidely Whiplash impression
*Work all of the oil into your beard or hair, down to your skin

Our oils are hand crafted with speciially picked ingredients to nourish your mane, and be safe for your skin. All of our oils are easily absorbed and will leave your beard and hair full, soft, and healthy. Our unique blend is specially formulated for your beard, hair, and the skin underneath to reduce itchy and flaky skin, promote thicker and faster hair growth, tame flyaway hairs, repair split ends, and make your hair softer to the touch. Our oils will leave your beautiful mane looking and feeling healthier!

Product Size: 1 oz.